Il Motore, Motorenbau 

Top-level engine building for air cooled classics

Whether it´s a Fiat 500 or Porsche 911, both will be lightning quick after receiving the Il Motore treatment

A visit to Torsten Hanenkamp



für alle, die es wie wir kaum noch aushalten

und lieber heute als morgen den zweiten Teil

sehen wollen zur Überbrückung und zum


viel Spaß

Porsche Carrera 3.2 Teardown

How to morph a Porsche Carrera 3.2 into a hot rod engine.

Part be continued......



Impressions - dreams - ideas - collection:





BMW DTM Tracktest 2012

After a 20-year hiatus, BMW is back in DTM for 2012.

Blood, sweat and tears -pushing the limit in Valencia




Nordex Windenergie

One of the world´s leading manufacturers of wind power plants.

A pioneer in its field - innovation and engineering

A look behind the scenes




LeMans Classic 2012

Le Mans Classic is the most beautiful way to drop a ton of money.

"...some are afraid of spiders. I´m afraid of Le Mans. This is why I always have to come back here!"

- Michael Föveny -


Weingut Löwenstein

"What is a good bottle of wine?"  "A bottle of Löwenstein wine!"

One blunt answer by Dr.Stephanie Erbprinzessin zu Löwenstein and how to take care of four children, one

vineyard, and preserve a bunch of tradition.





"In my mind, trees are mystic creatures....!"

Wolfgang about the art of building wooden boats




Karlchen the mops.........

Mustang the car..........

.......and tons of luck........!!



Wine worldwide

Wine - a colorful, exciting, delightful world!

Collection over time

An animated photo adventure




A day in the dirt with a father and his son


Showreel  imagefilm industrie


Le Mans - DTM - Porsche - Il Motore - Bike - Cross -........

The showreel about cars.....




Klaus Maria Brandauer meets Mozart

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